About Me

Welcome to The Flowering Garden! My name is David Boston. I love gardening and growing any and anything. However, this journey started with no green thumb. I killed every plant that I came in contact with. Too much water, not enough water, too hot, too cold, poor soil, and the list of problems goes on!

Yes, those are dwarf trees inside the planter. The squirrels were trying to eat the growing fruit, and we had a covered planter already built. So why not use it to protect the fruit? Especially since we had nothing growing in it. I’ve had a lot of success and failure along the way. But I am always trying to think of new ways to be a little more successful in my hobby.

I investigated high and low to find the best way to take care of my indoor and outdoor garden. As I learne, more and more, I decided I wanted to take the next step and put together The Flowering Garden. A place where the hobbyist and more experienced gardeners can join to share information and their joy of plants.

As I grow as a gardener, so will this website, if you ever have questions for me or comments please contact me!