Best Cherry Tomatoes for Containers

When you have a green thumb but not enough land to practice your talent, your gardening options are limited to pots and containers.

But that is not necessarily a bad thing, as many vegetables and flower plants grow prolifically in containers. Cherry tomatoes are one such plant that can easily grow in containers.
Not sure what the best cherry tomatoes for containers are? Keep reading, as that is my topic of discussion for today.

Best Cherry Tomatoes for Containers

Here are the popular varieties of cherry tomatoes that grow the best in pots –

Bing Cherry Tomatoes

It is one of the most popular varieties of cherry tomatoes. These plants grow the best in hot and dry climates, and they produce flavorful sweet fruits at the peak of summer.

Because of their climate preference, Bing cherry tomato plants are highly resistant to drought.
Bing cherry tomatoes will be your best bet if you are a beginner in gardening, as they will hold up against rough weather conditions reasonably well.

All climate conditions and soil types are suitable for Bing cherry tomatoes, and the fruits are satisfying to eat.

Baby Boomer Tomatoes

So. if you cannot get enough cherry tomatoes and wish to get a plant that will produce a lot of fruits for you to eat, get the Baby Boomer variety. You will get as many as 300 fruits per plant during the harvest season.

This plant continues producing 1-inch little tomatoes until it gets snowy. So, the harvest season is a long one for this plant. Generally, these plants require some support, such as cages.

The fruits of baby boomer plants are sweet, which makes them ideal for salads.

Gold Nugget Tomatoes

Let’s stop talking about red tomatoes for a bit and introduce you to this variety that produces sunshine yellow fruits.

Gold Nuggets are compact plants that grow about 24 inches tall. The small size is what makes them ideal for container gardening.

Gold Nugget plants are set easily in a cool climate. The fruits are a beautiful shade of golden yellow, with a balanced, flavorful taste.

They stay seedless for most of the season (except the end) and ripen quicker than other tomato varieties. The fruits also have fragile skin, which some people prefer on their tomatoes.

Black Cherry Tomatoes

On to the following popular non-red variety, Black Cherry plants produce deep purple-colored fruits that contain higher anthocyanin and antioxidants than traditional red tomatoes.

The fruits have a firm texture and a complex flavor. If you are one of those people who hate mushy tomatoes, this is the one for you.

This plant grows around 60 inches. They consistently produce fruits during the summer months, which you can ripen within 75 days.

Because of the complex taste, these tomatoes are good, both fresh and cooked. You can add an extra level of flavor to your pizzas, salads, and bruschetta by swapping out the typical red tomatoes for black cherry tomatoes instead.

Sweetheart of the Patio Tomatoes

These super-sweet tomatoes get their name from their unique shape. A dented top and pointy bottom give these tomatoes a heart-like shape, complemented perfectly by their very sweet and low-acid taste.

This plant gives a high yield. It makes large clusters of 1-inch fruits that need about 68 days to ripen. The plant grows about 2 feet tall, a height perfect for containers. Because the fruits are low in acid, these fruits are perfect for people who love tomatoes but have acidity problems.

Tiny Tim Tomatoes

Tiny Tim is a plant famous for growing in containers. In fact, they are one of the easiest plants to grow in containers, as even the smallest pots are enough for Tiny Tims!

A mature plant only grows about 12 to 16 inches, so you can also keep them in your window box.
The plant produces deep red photogenic fruits that are smaller than other cherry tomatoes. The plant does not require extensive care to produce a good harvest. You will be able to harvest your fruit within 65 days.

Peacevine Cherry Tomatoes

Till now, I have covered chiefly sweet tomatoes. Here is a different variety that is rich in amino acids and vitamin C. In fact, the fruits of this plant contain the highest amount of vitamin C among 30+ varieties of tomatoes.

The amino acids present in these tomatoes are mainly from the type called gamma-aminobutyric acid, which is a mild sedative—because of this, eating these tomatoes has a calming effect on the body. Who knew eating a salad could calm you down?

These tomatoes grow about ¾ inch. They grow in warm to hot weather and have a tender texture. Generally, they are red, but you may see some orange and gold fruits too. You can harvest the fruits in 75 days.

Bartelly F1

The Bartelly F1 is another easy-to-grow cherry tomato variety. It is a vigorous plant that produces early harvest and many fruits due to its stem arrangement. This plant is resistant to common tomato diseases and viruses. If your plants tend to suffer from diseases, try growing Bartelly F1s.

The tomatoes are a mix of sour and sweet. They grow in large numbers, thanks to the branched trusses of the plant. Each truss grows as many as 60 tomatoes, so you will not be short of tomatoes with this plant.


I am ending my list with beautifully striped bumblebee tomatoes that come in a mix of colors. The stripes and the colors are the reason why these are called bumblebees. These tomatoes have vigorous foliage. They grow in clusters, which makes picking convenient.

The plant continues growing during the entire season, so you should provide it with support for the best growth. If you want a climber plant that grows in containers, you must try growing these. Try using trellis for the plant to climb on.

These tomatoes are highly resistant to cracking, which makes them great for storage. They take about 70 days to mature, and you will keep getting fruits over several months.

Final Words

There are more varieties of cherry tomatoes not mentioned in this article. The ones featured here, are in my opinion, the best cherry tomatoes for containers. Try growing a few of these, and you will not be disappointed!
That’s all for today. Have a great week!

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