How to Keep Plumeria Small

If you want to grow Plumeria at home or in your small garden, it can become necessary for you to keep it to an appropriate height so that it does not become too tall and messy. This can help you maintain this plant in a much more efficient way.

There are several ways in which you can ensure that your Plumeria plant remains small. To find out how to keep Plumeria small, you can go through the following steps or methods.

Plant Them in Pots

You should ideally plant your Plumeria in pots. This can help ensure that the plant only grows up to a certain height and does not end up becoming larger than what you can handle on your own. This can also help keep it in place without taking up too much space in the house.

How exactly do pots help in keeping these plants small? Since pots or containers are only of a certain height, they can restrict the length to which the roots can grow. This can further limit the overall height of the plant as well.

At some point, you will need to repot the plant to a slightly larger container so that you can still maintain the health of the plant. You can do this every couple of years depending on the plant’s requirements. This should further be done in the growing season of this plant, which is usually spring and summer.

Apart from simply growing these plants in small pots, it is also equally important for you to carry out other regular care conditions. For instance, you should water the plant regularly once the soil becomes dry, provide it with direct sunlight for a few hours without letting it burn, feed it fertilizer during the growing season and more.

While these care conditions will make the plant grow taller, they are equally necessary to ensure that the plant does not wither or die.

Prune Regularly

Another step involved in keeping your Plumeria small is by regularly pruning its branches to prevent them from growing to uncontrolled heights. This can not only help if you are growing the plant in a pot but can also control the height of the plant outdoors in a garden.

Make sure you only carry out this kind of pruning right before the growing and blooming season. You can do this just before the plant begins to come out of its dormancy period.

There are several steps involved when it comes to pruning the plant properly. You can go through these steps below.

  • You should first choose an appropriate tool that can help you trim the plant easily. Use shears or knives that are sharp enough. Make sure you clean and sterilize this tool with rubbing alcohol before pruning so that you can prevent any infections from spreading.
  • If you see any dead or withering branches, you can cut them off. Make sure you make the cut near the base of the branch. You can carry out this step at any time of the year since the branches are already dead.
  • In case the branches are quite tall, you can make smaller cuts by trimming the tops to allow for new growth.
  • Generally, you should look for a clear sap that will come out from the branch after pruning. If you do not see this, prune the branch a bit more.

If the branches are dead, you can throw them away from the plant. If the cuttings are still fresh, then you can use them to grow a new plant.

Plant Dwarf Varieties

If you want to restrict the growth of the Plumeria from the very beginning, then you can opt for dwarf varieties of the plant. These dwarf varieties can only grow up to a certain height that is nearly half the size of a regular plant, sometimes even smaller.

This can be quite helpful if you are growing your plant in a small pot in a restricted indoor space. Make sure you still continue to care for the plant as you would do for a regular-sized plant so that you can maintain its health.

You can find these dwarf varieties of seeds or cuttings either online or through local nurseries and gardens. You can also ask these local nurseries or fellow gardeners for help.

Some common dwarf varieties of Plumeria include the following.

  • Dwarf pink Plumeria that does not grow more than three feet in height. Its flowers continue to be of the same shape as regular plants. They can be a bit lighter in color due to the species.
  • Dwarf watermelon Plumeria has darker pink flowers and a pleasant smell. This variety grows up to 10-12 feet tall and can work well for containers.

How Small Should Plumeria Be?

Plumeria can generally grow up to 30 feet tall if you grow it outdoors in an open space such as a garden. However, if you want to keep this plant small, you should restrict its size to about five to ten feet so that it does not take up too much space. This can also make it easier for you to care for it regularly.

Pruning regularly can certainly restrict the height. Carrying this out every year before the dormancy ends can help. If you are growing it in a container, pick one of the desired size and ensure that it is porous enough as well.

Final Remarks

Through this useful guide, we have taken you through the steps and methods involved so that you can learn how to keep Plumeria small. To sum up the process, you can start off by buying a dwarf variety that will restrict the height.

If you cannot find this variety, you can simply plant it in a small container and then keep repotting accordingly. Make sure you prune the branches regularly to manage the height of the plant.

Apart from these, ensure that you provide the plant with sufficient sunlight, shade, water and fertilizer while letting it rest well in its dormancy.

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