What Do Plumerias Smell Like?

The age old question, ‘what do plumerias smell like?” Okay, that isn’t true, but it is a question friends who don’t have a plumeria tree have asked.

Plumerias can have a wide range of fragrances, such as Lemon, citrus, peaches, grape, peaches, apricots. They can also smell like rose, coconut, nutmeg, cloves and even cinnamon. Plumeria has tons of distinct smells! Sometimes, a plumeria flower may have no or almost no scent at all!

Why Does my Plumeria Have No Smell?

Despite the plumeria tree having a lot of flowers with distinct smells, some of them have no scent or one that is barely detectable. If you have one with smell, it does not mean that anything it wrong with your plumeria. It just happens that the variety you have has no smell!

Plumeria Nurserys

Depending on your location, you may find a nursery that specializes in plumeria tree. These are amazing places to visit, especially if you want to pick the type of smelling plumeria that you are going to purchase. That is also an amazing place to go just to experiences the amount of different smells these tree posses.

No matter the type of plumeria you have, they are an amazing and beautiful plant and a joy to own and take care of!

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