Why Is My Pink Syngonium Turning Green?

When we adorn our homes with different species of flora, they become an integral part of the family unit. The responsibility of taking care of plants and flowers are not to be taken lightly. As with any recent addition to the family, it is wise to first do research on how to properly care for the newcomer and make sure that the home is appropriate and conducive to not only survival but for thriving.

For a houseplant, there are many things to consider before becoming a plant parent. Lighting conditions is one such consideration. Do your windows usher in direct light from the sun? Do you have LED plant lights on hand? Consider the light source and directional exposure in your home before buying a plant. Some houseplants can tolerate indirect sunlight or shaded areas while others actually prefer it.

Why Are My Leaves Turning Green?

Proper lighting is very important to the Pink Syngonium. If you drench those pretty pink leaves in too much sunlight, then the leaves will fade. When the fading process begins, the reversal for the fading leaf is nearly unachievable. But there is good news. You can prevent more of the pink leaves from fading by sitting the houseplant in another location of your home. The new spot may prove to me suitable.

Keep an eye out for the new growth. If the Pink Syngonium yields pink leaves, then you have found the right spot. Keep in mind that if this beauty of a houseplant gets too little sunlight, then the Pink Syngonium will produce more green leaves than you probably desire. After all, it was most likely the pink colored leaves that made you fall in love.

Happening As the Plant Matures?

What if your Pink Syngonium grows new pink leaves and they slowly turn green as the leaves mature? This could also happen naturally and may be something that is out of your control. It is pretty common for the leaves to start pink and as the mature turn green and leave a bit of pink on the leaves. If this is the case, just enjoy the patterns and know that nothing is wrong with your plant. It just growing and maturing!


Keep in mind even if the leaves turn green, there is nothing wrong with your plant. It is natural for your plant to produce chlorophyll. After all, it is the food that nourishes your plant. But if you want to keep those pink leaves, then you need to make sure it isn’t getting too much sunlight. If you see the leaves turning brown or yellowish, that means your plant isn’t getting enough sun. It is all trial and error. Keep on gardening and find the perfect spot for your Pink Syngonium!

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